The Mystery of Shamsi Air Base

Shamsi Air base has a long and mysterious history, it was first leased to the United Arab Emirates in 1992 and then leased to CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) and USAF (United States Air Force) for surveillance and drone operations (particularly predator drones) against militants in Pakistan’s FATA (Federally Administrative Tribal Areas). Predator drones were able to travel across Pakistan, allowing the US to observe and attack their enemies.Pakistani Government ordered the US troops the vacate the air field after Salala incident in which US-led NATO forces attacked two Pakistani border checkpoints in FATA killing 24 Pakistani soldiers.

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Drone Attacks in Pakistan [Infographic]

Pakistan has been experiencing serious blows from United States of America through their Unmanned aerial vehicle (or ‘drones’), the drone program has been active for the last decade killing thousands of people including innocent civilians and children.

Here are some statistics that we arranged in the form of an Infographic, that every Pakistani and every Non-Pakistani should know about these Drone Strikes.

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