The World’s Third Tallest Fountain Lies In The Coast of Pakistan

We see a lot of Pakistanis boasting about Western and Arab architecture and they have these mythologies in their minds which suggests that Pakistan is way back in such kind of advancements. Under the influence of such standardized myths we neglect some of the most priceless treasures we have in this country. One of which is this amazing fountain that was built by Pakistan government’s Karachi Port Trust (KPT). The fountain reportedly is the third tallest fountain in this entire world!   

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QMobile Z6 vs. Iphone 6 [Infographic]

Comparing the Incomparable

QMobile is the most prominent smartphone company of Pakistan. They recently launched their major smartphone Noire Z6, so we decided to spice things up and to compare the mighty Iphone 6 to Noire Z6. Read the Infographic and you would know there is some competition between these two incomparable smart phone brands.

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