7 Things You Didn’t Know About Quaid-e-Azam

Let’s not forget the man who gave us the reason to celebrate this day as the independence day of Pakistan. On 14th of August we recount 7 facts you probably did not know about Quaid-e-Azam.

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In conversation with Neil deGrasse Tyson of Pakistan


In a time when Pakistan is experiencing a brain drain Dr. Salman Hameed is the hero we need probably not the one we deserve (*cough* dark knight reference) Charles Taylor Chair, associate professor of integrated science & humanities in the school of Cognitive Science at Hampshire College in Massachusetts, director of Center for the Study of Science in Muslim Societies. Why are we telling you all this? Because we want to show you why Dr. Salman deserves the recognition of Pakistan. Despite being a reputed Professor and having an already busy life Dr. Salman takes time out of his schedule, makes videos about Astronomy in Urdu at Hampshire College, visits Pakistan and gives talks about Astronomy. He is spreading whatever he knows to any of us who are willing to listen. A man who is going out of his way to give to the thriving scientific community of Pakistan.

I know most of you would be wondering why we called him the Neil deGrasse Tyson of Pakistan.The answer is pretty simple, both of them have a lot of similarities according to us. Both of them are related with astronomy although Neil is an Astrophysicist while Dr. Salman is an Astronomer. Both of them believe in sharing what they know (mostly through social media platforms) for example Neil deGrasse Tyson is very active on twitter and hosts a science podcast called StarTalk while Dr. Salman writes a blog called Irtiqa and is the host of science vlog Science ka Adda.

Now let’s tell you guys about the interview…

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A Review of the Event “Intelligent Life Out There”

We attended the event “Intelligent Life Out There” and now we are here to tell you guys what we think about it.

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The Mystery of Shamsi Air Base

Shamsi Air base has a long and mysterious history, it was first leased to the United Arab Emirates in 1992 and then leased to CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) and USAF (United States Air Force) for surveillance and drone operations (particularly predator drones) against militants in Pakistan’s FATA (Federally Administrative Tribal Areas). Predator drones were able to travel across Pakistan, allowing the US to observe and attack their enemies.Pakistani Government ordered the US troops the vacate the air field after Salala incident in which US-led NATO forces attacked two Pakistani border checkpoints in FATA killing 24 Pakistani soldiers.

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The World’s Third Tallest Fountain Lies In The Coast of Pakistan

We see a lot of Pakistanis boasting about Western and Arab architecture and they have these mythologies in their minds which suggests that Pakistan is way back in such kind of advancements. Under the influence of such standardized myths we neglect some of the most priceless treasures we have in this country. One of which is this amazing fountain that was built by Pakistan government’s Karachi Port Trust (KPT). The fountain reportedly is the third tallest fountain in this entire world!   

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Drone Attacks in Pakistan [Infographic]

Pakistan has been experiencing serious blows from United States of America through their Unmanned aerial vehicle (or ‘drones’), the drone program has been active for the last decade killing thousands of people including innocent civilians and children.

Here are some statistics that we arranged in the form of an Infographic, that every Pakistani and every Non-Pakistani should know about these Drone Strikes.

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The Comic Book Industry in Pakistan

Comic book industry has been renowned and exciting since early 20th century, it has vastly grown since then, producing billion dollar corporations including Marvel, DC Comics and other minor but  remunerative companies all across globe.

While comic industry in the west is a billion dollar business, in Pakistan this type of industry appears a bit dormant. Until 2011 there was not a single comic book company in Pakistan!, after which Pakistan’s first Comic book company came into existence “Kachee Golliyan”.

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