A Review of the Event “Intelligent Life Out There”

We attended the event “Intelligent Life Out There” and now we are here to tell you guys what we think about it.

The Host

The Event was hosted by Dr. Salman Hameed, who also hosts the science vlog Science ka Adda. We will not be describing him in detail on this post because we got the amazing opportunity to have a small interview of him, the answers we got were exceptional and something we did not expect at all.That’s why we have decided that Dr. Salman deserves a separate post which we will be writing the post very soon.

What we can tell you is that he conducted the whole event very smoothly. His ingenious intelligence and the touch of humor he provided made every minute of the two hour session worth listening. It is fair to say that for a man who holds a Ph.D. in Astronomy describing Intelligent life to an audience that lacked the amount of scientific knowledge he has, it must have been a challenge but the way he managed, it deserves appreciation. Throughout the presentation he was also smiling the whole time and his gestures seemed really friendly which created a very positive and relaxed atmosphere.


The Topic

We think it was an interesting topic, it is although hard to say if it was the best because there are so many things that one can talk about in Science and particularly Astronomy. Intelligent extraterrestrial life is indeed an interesting topic since aliens are very common in the pop culture especially in work of science fictions that we all love and watch (*cough* Star Wars). These science fictions have created a false image about extraterrestrial life in our minds, which the event successfully clears up and attempts to replace with more scientific and rational ideas, although there are still gaps that science fiction fantasies fill up but still we think the event was successful in presenting a scientific image to the audience.

Another reason why we think it was a good idea to choose Intelligent extraterrestrial life is the fact that it is something that people are already familiar with and show a willingness to learn more about whereas if the event was on a different topic We’re sure that the same number of people wouldn’t have showed up.

The Presentation

The presentation was easy to follow and also light on the minds. There are a lot of people who don’t academically study science but do have a scientific curiosity and fascination. The audience at the event also included many of this kind of people. One of the most important aspect of the presentation was how it catered the curiosity and fascination of such kind of people. In our opinion it is really important to preserve such qualities in people and we were happy to see how these things were preserved throughout the session.

Another thing that we really liked about the presentation was the fact that the presentation wasn’t completely scientific it started with a philosophical ground and then very structurally Dr. Salman managed to branch it out to science. That’s why I’d say that it was a very structured presentation.


Overall Experience

Personally we enjoyed the presentation, it was something very unique, thought provoking and inspiring. It brought a lot of Astronomy enthusiast together and it was a really positive feeling seeing some very curious people in one room. Science is a heritage of the Muslim world which has long been lost in the past and is missing from the present Muslim world and particularly from Pakistan. We will need a lot of Salman Hameeds and a lot of such events to rekindle the curiosity we once had, but seeing people organizing events like this is what keeps the hope alive.


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