The World’s Third Tallest Fountain Lies In The Coast of Pakistan

We see a lot of Pakistanis boasting about Western and Arab architecture and they have these mythologies in their minds which suggests that Pakistan is way back in such kind of advancements. Under the influence of such standardized myths we neglect some of the most priceless treasures we have in this country. One of which is this amazing fountain that was built by Pakistan government’s Karachi Port Trust (KPT). The fountain reportedly is the third tallest fountain in this entire world!   


The Karachi Port Trust Fountain is located next to an island, off the Karachi Harbour (Source). The fountain might sound boring but it is absolutely not, it just doesn’t spray water into air but also illuminates the water jet with eighteen flood lights that makes it look alluring during the night.

The Controversy

Many of you might think how useless it is to build something like that, which actually costs $5.3 Million and shoots water splashes 690 feet up in the sky, especially when just below it people die of thirst and hunger. This is the point where the controversy comes in, but the thought is very pessimistic and such an attempt by the government shouldn’t be spoiled, it should be appreciated instead. Although people in the past have opposed the idea and still do, a national gift of such beauty shouldn’t be ruined like this.

The Robbery

The Fountain is although very miraculous and important as it is one of the world’s best, but despite all its importance many parts of the fountains were stolen in 2008 and caused the closure of this fountain for a long period of time. Fortunately the fountain was repaired and its missing parts were assembled resurrecting one of the best attractions in Pakistan.

The Bottom Line

Pakistan is filled with unbelievable stuff. There is a lot to explore and to find in this country. We need to respect what we have here, instead of complaining and destroying. Karachi Trust Port Fountain is one of these special stuff, the fountain needs to be preserved, to be seen and it needs to be enjoyed and loved.


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