The Comic Book Industry in Pakistan

Comic book industry has been renowned and exciting since early 20th century, it has vastly grown since then, producing billion dollar corporations including Marvel, DC Comics and other minor but  remunerative companies all across globe.

While comic industry in the west is a billion dollar business, in Pakistan this type of industry appears a bit dormant. Until 2011 there was not a single comic book company in Pakistan!, after which Pakistan’s first Comic book company came into existence “Kachee Golliyan”.

Founded by Nofal Khan and Ramish Safa in their teenhood, the company soon rose to unpredictable fame, in just three years of its inception Kachee Golliyan got the attention of international media and was featured in British Broadcast Channel (BBC), Tribune Pakistan and The News and became the first ever mass-produced Pakistani comic book.


Kachee Golliyan is simple and just the best, as their Facebook page indicates:

Wehshiness and Metaphysics. Nehari and Orange juice. Comic creators and marketeers.

The web-comics are monochromatic, hilarious and does all the magic without those flashy colors. Kachee Golliyan’s web-comics and comic books usually tries to portray an average Pakistani’s life, brilliantly turning their everyday problems into laughter punches. Kachee Golliyan comprises very light and easy to digest comedy, giving Pakistani youth an opportunity to enjoy a humor related to their own life. Kachee Golliyan and other desi comics are that is why very much appreciated, because when the locals find something related to themselves in these comic books, the dose of excitement doubles.

Umru Ayar


What makes Kachee Golliyan really stand out of the crowd is their intention to preserve Pakistani culture and Urdu literature through their comics. One of the biggest proof of which is Umru Ayar, that features a traveler ‘Umru Ayar’ derived from archaic Urdu folk stories , but this guy Umru Ayar is not just some ordinary and boring traveler, the amazing folks at Kachee Golliyan turned him into a spectacular, muscular superhero. Kachee Golliyan with their comics provide Pakistanis a lot and tries to correct some glitches in society through this medium. Their ideology and vision can be best understood by this quote Nofal Khan made in an interview with BBC:

“Normally, people would come and do bad things to us if we stood up and started saying things, but in comics there is this way of saying very heavy things in a lighter manner.”

Kachee Golliyan might not sound big or important, but what I think is that, comic industry is as important as any other industry in Pakistan. Kachee Golliyan is at this stage one of the exciting businesses in this country. Please do support them it just takes a few clicks and you make a huge impact and to motivate them for doing more.

You can support and follow Kachee Golliyan at Facebook or Twitter.

Bottom Line?

Pakistanis around the world are characterized as long bearded and boring folks, Kachee Golliyan is the living example to prove this myth completely wrong. Pakistanis are just as cool (or probably more cool) as any other on this planet

Here are some of the web-comics by Kachee Golliyan:

x-men-pakistan-desi star-wars-comic-darth-vader


 Header Source: tribune.com.pk

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