Rasoolpur: a Village in Pakistan With no Crimes and an Ideal Literacy Rate

Pakistan successfully has qualified many times as one of the most dangerous countries in the world and has been unpopular for it’s intense terrorist activities.

But today we proudly introduce our readers to Rasoolpur. A village in the province of Punjab where there is an ideal crime and literacy rate. The village is so safe that the residents don’t even lock their homes and their children and young women don’t fear walking around in the open streets.

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While villages in Pakistan are filled with feudal lords and organized crime gangs, here is this village Rasoolpur that stands out and shows all the others just the right way to do things. This amazing village with a 0% crime rate also boasts a 100% literacy rate. Each and every one resident of this village is a High School Graduate and there is a law in the village according to which every child must study at least up to high school.

school-rasoolpur-pakified school-rasoolpur-pakified

Despite being perfect in it’s crime and literacy, they maintain outstanding hygiene too. The streets are clean and there are garbage tins all across the streets.

clean-rasoolpur-pakified clean-rasoolpur-pakified clean-rasoolpur-pakified

One of the most astounding fact about the whole thing is that this news wasn’t uncovered by any Pakistani Media group because mostly these media groups are busy covering the darker side of Pakistan, instead British Broadcast Channel (BBC) presented the news to Pakistani masses.
(Souce: Haq’s Musing)

While there are students like Anum Fatima, there are villages like Rasoolpur that are breaking stereotypes and correcting the meaningless mythologies about Pakistan. There is a lot hidden in this great nation, it is responsibility of every Pakistanis to dig out these concealed treasures so that we all could be inspired by our own.


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  1. Ayesha Arif · July 8, 2016

    This village was highlighted by express news in their program frontline hosted by imran khan.

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