5 Unbelievable facts about Abdul Sattar Edhi

“My religion is humanitarianism, which is the basis of every religion in the world” -Abdul Sattar Edhi

Abdul Sattar Edhi is the founder and head of Edhi Foundation, the largest welfare organisation of Pakistan that runs the world’s largest ambulance service and operates free nursing homes, orphanages, clinics, women’s shelters, and rehab centers for drug addicts and mentally ill individuals.

Abdul Sattar Edhi is a living legend, a man who inspires the whole nation. He is a hero, who everyday saves millions of lives in Pakistan enlightens many dark homes with the glow of hope and courage. Here are some lesser known facts about this great man:

1. Edhi leads an extremely simple life

Despite the fact that Abdul Sattar Edhi is the head of a million dollar foundation, he still leads a very simple life. He never accepts a single penny as a salary from Edhi foundation, he lives in a two bedroom apartment over his clinic, that however is of below average condition and only has two pairs of clothes , that he wears to all business trips, television appearances and during all of his other activities.

It might sound much easy, but only a few can anticipate how difficult is it to never demand or expect something, from a cause you have dedicated your whole life to.


2. He faces a lot of problems at airports

Edhi has been facing a lot of travel problems, for his social work he has to travel a lot, but it appears that the officials in the foreign countries don’t like him much. He has been detained at Toronto airport for 16 hours, in New York he was interrogated for 8 hours and got his passport and documents seized and the worst case of all, he was once refused entry to Gaza by the authorities. Edhi explains that the only reason for this disrespect is his dress and his beard!

3. Edhi foundation works internationally too

Edhi Foundation is not just confined to Pakistan. The organization stems out in the whole world and provides help wherever they can. Edhi Foundation has run relief operations in Africa, Middle East, Europe and even has aided United States of America during the New Orleans hurricane.

4. Health Problems

Abdul Sattar Edhi faces serious health problems, Edhi had an unfortunate kidney failure last year and is now on a regular dialysis. But still in such bad health conditions, he still visits his center everyday. His consultant doctor, Dr. Rizvi mentions:

“Edhi sahib does the work on his own…he visits his centre too.”

Edhi has done a lot for Pakistan, now it’s his turn to get aids.

5. The Inception of Edhi Foundation was very unusual

Edhi Foundation started just with a rupees five thousand investment, and with a free medical dispensary that Edhi managed through his savings, soon with his hard work and dedication hundreds of people came forward and helped. Not all of us have the courage to leave our own good to benefit others.


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