4 life-changing lessons from the Richest Pakistani Shahid Khan

Shahid Khan is the richest Pakistani, who currently resides in the United States. Once the member of a middle class Pakistani household, today sets his position as one of the richest men in the world and is the executive of one of the America’s largest private company ‘Flex-n-Gate’. And the best part, many of us don’t even know him!
Here are some life lessons that we must learn from his life:

1. Always have Passion for What you do

Most of us might be employees at some company or could be students at some school or college, but are we passionate to what we do? Most of us just take our jobs as a burden on our shoulders. Do any of us actually come up with idea that one day I will become so successful and so wealthy that I will buy this company I am employed to, and would take my ultimate revenge from my brute boss and show every of my office colleagues, how smart and capable I am. No! actually none of us think like that. That is why we are just some bunch of average people and folks who adopt that ideology become the world’s most powerful and rich.

Shahid Khan worked as an employee after his graduation at Flex-n-Gate(A company which at the time was completely pissed). Very soon with his endeavors and dedication, he earned so much wealth and support from investors that he bought Flex-n-Gate from his own boss and turned the ruined corporation into one of the largest private companies in America. Just imagine how cool is that, buying a company you were once employed to, from your own boss!

So the point is just don’t wait for the magic to happen, find the magic wand and say the magic spells. Everything is possible. If Shahid can do this, you could do that too!

2. Being poor is not a problem

Shahid Khan was born to a middle-class family like most of us, he came to America with just $500 in his pocket and his Big and Bold American Dream in his mind.

Most of us might see financial backness as a barrier, but one should always remember it’s a strength. If you are poor you would strive more, success won’t just be an interest it would be a need and this my friend would act as a pushing factor.

As Hellen Keller once said

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” -Hellen Keller

The Almighty Allah has granted us just one, single life, we must live it to it’s peak, being financially unstable shouldn’t limit you, instead it should provoke you to take more risks because when you dare, you grow. A life without risks is like a tasteless pie.

3. Dream Big

Millions of people in Pakistan live a life at middle class margins. For most of us, the dream of a perfect life is just to buy a nice small house, a small car, have an eight to five job that pays enough, a wife that don’t complain, never talk too much and don’t like shopping (That theoretically is Impossible) and many minor stuff that don’t even count.

While Shahid completely have a completely differ in perception to most of us, according to him you must dream big to get huge.

Dreams are something very fascinating, you can see and experience anything you want, vivid circumstances that might be far from reality and amazingly these dream just don’t only cause fascination but motivates an individual to go behind what you want. We all have the ability to dream lets dream big and believe in ourselves

4. Find the positive aspect of everything in life

We all gets upset when we fail an exam or get a devotion at office or just feel sad, because we don’t have that good things in life that other have. But we must remember that there was a time when Shahid Khan had nothing in his life, when Steve Jobs (former CEO, Apple) had to sleep on floor because he couldn’t afford a living, when Einstein’s teacher told him, that he would never become anything in his life. Did these people felt sad at that moment, did they lose hope on themselves. No! successful folks don’t lose hope.

Shahid Khan migrated to America from Pakistan at an age of 16, he on his first night stayed in a hostel for $2/night, his first job was washing dishes for $1.20/hr. Did he feel sad about it. No, instead what he felt would give a shock:

 “Within 24 hours, I had already experienced the American dream”. -Shahid Khan to Forbes Magazine.

This is what he felt about his first job! With his first job, he started having the feeling that he is now the master of his life and he is gaining complete control over it.

We must always think positive, being positive in life can lead to positive results and can alter your personality, by inducing calmness during any difficulty. Positivity can also lead to sensible decisions too. Your job might be bad, you might not be doing good at school and there is a great chance that you will never become anything. But why should you be care about it, life is too short to care about these things.

The Bottom Line

We are not telling you to follow Shahid Khan or become like him. Things might be different for you because we all are engineered differently, but there is still a lot to learn from him. Adopting the points you agree with and think, would work for you might bring positive results.








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