From Karachi Slums to Harvard

While most of us with all those resources and facilities can’t think of getting admission in colleges like Harvard and Oxford. Anum Fatima, a girl from the slums of Karachi did the Impossible. With her courage and her devotion she traveled from the dirt of poverty to one of the top Universities in the world. Read her astounding story and get inspired.

The Journey of Anum Fatima: A story of inspiration

With around four more siblings, her poor father could hardly afford a substandard school for all his children but all thanks to The Citizen Foundation. As the non-profit organization was notified they provided Anum a chance to study at there high quality facilitated school. As she joined very soon, impressed with her remarkable academic performance The Citizen Foundation first granted her a place in a Business management institute after which she got the life-changing three month term admission at The Harvard University.


The Bottom Line

Just imagine how much more students we have like Anum, scattered all around the slums and the under privileged areas of Pakistan, dreaming of education and a better life but unfortunately due to the low quality government education these gems and pearls of our nation are being spoiled and are forced to live a life of miseries.

How She Makes a Difference

Anum with her courage and strong belief on herself sets her self as an example for millions of Pakistani teenagers. She now with her story inspires many of the other adolescents living in the slums and is giving them somehow the audacity to pursue their dreams. She also breaks the stereotype about Pakistani women and teaches the masses in Pakistan a good lesson, who consider woman as weak and not eligible for studies.

The Citizen Foundation

While government is much careless towards education as the result of which many poor intellectuals suffer, there are also organizations like The Citizen Foundation who are very serious in this matter and are endeavoring to insure that hard working students like Anum don’t get deprived of the basic right of education.


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