10 Funny Pictures from all around Pakistan

We collected some of the best and the most hilarious pictures from all over Pakistan, exhibiting a funny and lighter side of Pakistan. All the images are hand picked from the Only In Pakistan blog.

1. Tron Pakistan

So we have our own science fiction neon vehicles

2. Pimp My Ride

The desi man took pimping to a whole new level. The Saaein level!

3. The El Che Baloch

The new leader of our era!

4. Why Milton lost his sight?

Because spectacles weren’t invented yet.

5. The Rickshaw Projector

The westerns have parking cinemas we have cinema in rickshaws.
Western=loses, Desi=wins 
colorful-neon-rickshaw-decorated-pakistan rickshaw-movie-projector-amazing-funny-pakistan

6. The Expert

The best cock in Pakistan.

7. Travelling like a boss

We Pakistanis travel like a boss!

8. Sight-Seeing while riding a bike

It’s more cooler to sit on sacs, more comfortable and the view is just extraordinary.

9. Chill out

What it was a hot day at work. I am just chilling

10. Happiness is Balloons



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