10 Facts about Imran Khan you probably missed.

Imran Khan has been a national figure and a celebrity since his rise in the politics of Pakistan so today we are sharing some of the most uncertain facts that you probably don’t know about Imran Khan.

1. His Full Name Is Too Long

Okay this is embarrassing but around 90% people don’t actually know what his real full name is.
His name is: Ahmad Khan Niazi Imran. That’s a long and unusual name so it’s good to stick around with the short and sweet “Imran Khan”.

2. Imran is a Millionaire

According to The Richest Imran Khan is worth a tremendous $50 Million (Rupees 5Billion) approximately so we can consider that Imran Khan has a lot of weight in his pockets!

3. He is also an Author

Imran Khan beside being a cricketer and politician is also author of several books. That includes six non fiction books including an autobiography.


  • Imran: The autobiography of Imran Khan
  • Imran Khan’s cricket skills
  • Indus Journey: A Personal View of Pakistan
  • All Round View
  • Warrior Race: A Journey Through the Land of the Tribal Pathans

4. He received many Accolades and Awards

Imran khan was the Asia’s Person of the year in 2012, he won the title with a whooping 88% votes. He has also been among one of the Oxford’s hall of fame, beside that he received best cricketer award from Indian Cricket and different minor societies. We must admit he has some nerve.

5. 70% Pakistanis support Imran

According to Pew research of 2012, seven out of ten local Pakistanis favored that Imran Khan should lead the country.

6. He got his Marital Life destroyed for his Political ideology

Imran khan was married to Jemima Khan till 2004, after which the couple divorced due to the difference in their political point of view and Imran’s involvement in political affairs. They still maintain strong and good relationship.

7. The First ever non-govermental Asian to address WEF

Imran Khan is the first Asian to address World Economic Forum without being the part of government.

8. He has also been a Chancellor

Imran Khan truly is an all-rounder, he’s a cricketer, politician, author(As you recently discovered on this post) and had also acted as the chancellor of University of Bradford till 2005.

9. Does a lot for the Welfare of people

Imran Khan created the famous Cancer Hospital  Shaukat Khanum Hospital that provides state of art facilities and plays a major role among the lower class population of Pakistan. He also founded the Namal College that is a technical college established in the Mianwali District.

10. One of the top World Leader

According to the global post website He is ranked third among the Nine top leaders of the World.


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